Language exchange from Strickhof Switzerland to Queens University Canada


In our fall semester, we had to connect with students from Canada. At first, I was a quite insecure about those calls because I had no idea how well we would understand each other and how easy it would be to communicate. But I was curious to hear students from Canada speaking German.  

The beginning 

On September 27th, I had my first session, and it went well. The Linguae Live Program was quite confusing for me at the beginning because I had no idea who my session partner is. I had like four or five pending requests. After that, I had no clue how I could reach my session partner. But luckily, we connected successfully, and we could write each other on Skype. So far it was fun. We received instructions from our Teacher/Professor and the session time flew straight away. Of course, we had some things to do that are less interesting than others but in review it was a good language training for both of us. 

My favourite Session 

My favourite session was the second one, because we had to create a word document where we present our hobbies or some typical things from our country. I showed her my wakeboard-equipment and also the locations where I will wake during the summertime. At least I showed her some of my pros and cons. When it was her turn, I have learned a lot about sports I slightly knew. It was really interesting as she began to talk about the local food. Most of the local bests I have never seen in my life, but I really wanted to try some of them.  

Last words 

In my opinion, how interesting a session turns out will depend on the topic we have to discuss. I am looking forward to finding out what our next topics are and to discuss with our new partner. 

– Severin, BM2 –

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