My new friends in Canada

For my English speaking grade, I needed to pair up with students from Canada. These students are taking German classes and are to speak to us in German. 

My first partner 

At the beginning I was nervous but I became more relaxed after five minutes/but soon became more relaxed. My partner and I connected well. We had the same interests in music and led similar lifestyles. In this project I not only found a good partner, but also a good friend; I am still talking to my new Canadian friend long after the speaking sessions are over. 

We had many interesting discussions. We began with the assigned theme and then we let the conversation direct us/we just went with the flow. For example, we initially spoke about sports and ended with speaking about life choices. 

Second partner 

I had two partners. I have not maintained contact with my second partner but our speaking sessions were also interesting. He originally came from China and because I already talked about Canada with my first partner, we talked about China. I did not know much about the Chinese culture originally, and I learned many new things about it. 


I love to learn about new things. I also love to learn about other cultures. 

I guess I was lucky to have found good partners. It can be difficult if your partner or you yourself do not like talking but luckily, the chance you will meet such a person is small. 

At first, I had problems with the website we were using. At the end, these issues were resolved and now it is a nice and easy website to connect with partners. 

– Rahel, BM2 –

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