Oversea speaking sessions

Whenthe average pupil thinksof English classes in school, probably not the best thoughts will go through their tired minds. Speaking of dry exercising in some even more dry school books, speaking of repeating the tenses for at least the thousandth time. A change of all that would come in really handy. Luckily that our English teacher did something about this issue. Let me tell you a bit more:

In the fall semestertheteacher, announced that we’re going to speak with students atQueens University in Canada. If I saythat we were all really excited, that would probably be the wrong statement, but there has been a certain flickering in the air.

So during my first speaking session with Ethan from Canada, we spoke about the given topics; the differences between our school systems and people we look up to. Obviously these themes were not the most exciting ones, so we rapidly moved onto things like our origins and our native languages. It appeared that Ethan was a native Texas Dutch speaker, a dialect that’s really similar to the Bavarian dialect.

For the second speaking session I teamed up with a friend of Ethan’s, whose name is Devin. Devin has been really busy with his final exams, in the time we talked to each other. But never the less we found some time to chat about our missed desire to travel.

In conclusion both of thosetwo arranged meetingshave been really helpful getting along betterwith speaking English. And of course the chance to meet cool new people form the other side of the world has been really nice!

– Nils, BM2 –

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