So near and yet so far

The conversation in autumn was a new experience for me, it was the first time that I talked with someone from another country deeper about a topic and not just superficially. My partner was very nice to talk to and even took the lead of the conversation when I did not know what to say in a moment. We not only spoke about the assigned topics, but also about the current situation and politics. Before, I just spoke to people from different countries through gaming. There the focus was just on communication and not about the language itself.  

First, we talked about everyday things to get to know each other better. We discussed our age, where we live, our hobbies and things we like. We also talked about our school and the education system in the respective country. We had a good time together and talked longer, even after our timed session finished. It even came so far that we talked about politics and the government and these are the kind of topics that don’t really interest me. 

Linguaelive makes it possible for many people around the world to communicate with one another and learn from each other. It is a great way for schools to pair students with one another and by no means an overly complicated platform or not useful. The pairing worked out really well, but we had to use email to communicate and set up our sessions, that is because Linguaelive would not allow us to pair up, but we managed to make it work. What a fun experience!

– Tim, BM2VZ –

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